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Getting through the holidays healthy

December 09, 2021

Celebrate a healthy party with the following tips!


The holidays… A period of friendship, family, conviviality and above all: lots of good food!

Often this month is taken as a moment to 'let yourself go', only to start paying attention again from January. But this is not necessarily healthy: it is just better to get through the holidays at as normal a rhythm as possible. This means: no skipping meals, no binge eating and keep moving!

What if we told you that you can enjoy the holidays and the good food enough, without depriving yourself too much and being way too hard on yourself when the new year starts?

Our dietician Katleen already has some tips to get through the holidays as healthy as possible:

  • Drink a glass of water after every alcoholic drink: this will not only help prevent a hangover, but also prevent you from losing your inhibitions and increasing your appetite for fatty and sugary foods. In addition, the water ensures that you are full faster, so you will eat less
  • Don't skip meals in the run-up to the holidays: try to stay in your normal rhythm as much as possible
  • Avoid sweet alcoholic drinks. Brut or extra brut champagne is a better option than demi-sec and dry wines contain fewer calories than their sweet varieties
  • Start with a small portion and chew slowly, you can still scoop more
  • Vegetables are always a good choice: if you are a hostess or host yourself, you can provide vegetables with the aperitif with cheese or a tasty dipping sauce. Or serve yourself with an extra portion of soup or extra vegetables with the main meal
  • Try to leave out the "extras" e.g. the sandwich with the soup or the cookie with the coffee
  • Eat something small before you leave for the festive dinner so that you do not arrive hungry and cannot resist the temptations
  • Be careful with sauces and fruit juice
  • Opt for a light dessert: ice cream or fruit desserts are often lighter than the heavy chocolate desserts or Christmas logs


Some tasty, diet-friendly drinks for the festive dinner:

  • Extra brut champagne, since it contains a lot less sugar than the demi-sec types
  • Vodka Kombucha: Kombucha is a probiotic, effervescent, fermented drink that is low in sugar and available in a variety of flavors. Add a splash of vodka and you'll have a refreshing aperitif drink in no time!
  • Whiskey with cola zero or bacardi instead of whisky: by using cola zero instead of regular cola, you can easily avoid taking in unnecessary calories
  • Skinny Bitch Cocktail: This cocktail got its name for a reason. Only 3 ingredients: vodka, sparkling water and lemon juice!


In addition, it is also important to keep moving enough† During the holidays, take a walk before and after dinner, park the car a little further away when you go Christmas shopping, take the stairs instead of the elevator and stick to your regular exercise or sports routines as much as possible.

At Adfysio you can also go for exercise for the whole family: we offer a whole range of yoga and pilates classes for adults, as well as pre- and postnatal yoga, and from January our offer will also be extended to yoga for children!

love us timetable to stay tuned for the latest updates. From January there will also be additional pilates and yoga classes as well as new workshops.

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