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Start the winter on a positive note!

Tips to keep your happiness during the winter months With the leaves falling and the days getting colder, nature is slowly but surely preparing us for winter: the season we probably look forward to the least! But winter also has a lot to offer:...

Tips to get your daily portion of vegetables

The green smoothie: a good fruit-vegetable ratio A green smoothie is a great way to get many essential nutrients in one go. To stay healthy, it is a must to get at least 300 grams of vegetables per day. A green...

Quickly recharge your energy on Blue Monday? Discover our tips!

Do you occasionally feel lifeless and do you sometimes feel that you are completely exhausted? With these handy tips from Psychotherapist Floor you can fully recharge yourself step by step. Feel healthy and energetic again! Simple breathing exercise Sit up straight, with your feet…

The Warmest Week at Adfysio

The Warmest group lessons for De Warmste Week Adfysio will again take part in De Warmste Week this year. Together we organize the Warmest Group Lessons for the benefit of the ALS League. Will you join us? Sign up for one or more group lessons. The prices of the group lessons can be...

Recipe heartwarming autumn soup with pumpkin, carrot and celeriac

Ingredients (6 portions): 300g carrots 300g celeriac 300g pumpkin 1 potato 1 onion 5l water Garnish: 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds and 1 tablespoon chopped pumpkin seeds 1 stock cube Preparation method: Cut the vegetables into small pieces and warm water in a kettle Fry the onion with...

Music for life: We raised €600 for the ALS-Liga

Adfysio Music For Life (Kessel - Lo / Leuven)
Indeed, also this year our patients proved to be very generous for Music for life, we can proudly announce that we can transfer € 600 to the ALS league. The cakes, cookies and sweets from the Adfysio baking team were therefore very tasty ;). Thanks everyone!


Discover this delicious recipe for healthy oatmeal cookies. These healthy oatmeal cookies with oatmeal and dates are super easy, quick to prepare and delicious. The ideal treat for when your children have their birthday and want to take something to school. 65 g oatmeal 65 g flour...

Scientific research on the impact of osteopathy on reflux in babies

Adfysio multidisciplinary practice Kessel - Lo / Leuven - CranialOsteopathy
Dear, in the context of scientific research, we are investigating the impact of reflux on babies in collaboration with the hospital of Jette. Has your baby been diagnosed with reflux and meets the criteria to participate in our study? Inclusion criteria Children...

Osteopathy in Babies

Adfysio multidisciplinary practice Kessel - Lo / Leuven baby
BREE – “Blake is in good hands,” Kim Clijsters said on Instagram yesterday. She also posted a photo of her four-week-old son, who is being treated by an osteopath. Kim Clijsters is far from the only parent who goes to the osteopath with her...