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Quickly recharge your energy on Blue Monday? Discover our tips!


Do you occasionally feel lifeless and do you sometimes have the feeling that you are completely exhausted? With these handy tips from Psychotherapist Floor you can fully recharge yourself step by step. Feel healthy and energetic again!

Simple Breathing Exercise

  1. Sit up straight, with your feet together flat on the floor
  2. Relax your shoulders, your cheeks and your face
  3. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose for eight counts
  4. Exhale through your mouth for four counts
  5. Imagine breathing in fresh energy and breathing out heaviness
  6. Repeat dots 3 to 5 a few times, until you feel fresh and energetic


Recharge yourself in 3 steps

  1. Drink plenty of water. Getting enough fluids is important to keep your energy level up and it is also an indispensable fuel for your body. So drink enough water, it is the cheapest energy supplier.
  2. Moving is healthy. The fitter you are, the more energy you get. By regularly going outside and exercising, exercising, walking, ... your body becomes stronger and your batteries are recharged.
  3. Improve your sleep schedule for more energy. Nothing is more important for your energy level than sleep and rest. The deeper you sleep, the faster you rest. The blue light from your phone or laptop will keep you from sleeping, so it's better not to take it into the bedroom.