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Corona measures

Corona measures for the therapist

What measures do we take to make your treatment safe?
  • We disinfect all contact surfaces in the cabinets before the start of your treatment
  • Other contact surfaces are disinfected very regularly
  • We regularly ventilate the room
  • We always wear a mouth mask in practice
  • From now on we will work in two separate bubbles to limit contacts among ourselves
  • In case of high-risk contact or mild symptoms, the therapist will stop work for a while pending a corona test

Corona measures for patients

Before and during your consultation

  • Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory
  • Bring your own towel if possible
  • Please disinfect your hands before and after your consultation
  • Two people are allowed in the waiting room, one person in the hall. If your physical condition permits, we appreciate that you reserve these places for patients who need them.
  • Are you waiting outside? Please also keep enough distance from other patients.
  • Come to your appointment alone. We make an exception for children and one parent can come along.

Contact your therapist in the following cases:

  • Are you showing symptoms of illness yourself? Please cancel your appointment.
  • Have you been abroad where code orange or code red applies? Then inform your therapist in advance. This is preferably done by email, but can also be done by telephone.
  • Do you need to have a corona test taken, are you still waiting for results or have you tested positive for corona? Please contact your therapist about this.

  • Last update 10/03: We are part of the care and wearing a mouth mask is therefore still mandatory.