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Dealing with back and neck complaints

April 14, 2022

Discover our back and neck school and core stability classes

Do you suffer from back and neck complaints? People are often convinced that the cause of back and neck complaints is due to incorrect sitting, standing or bending. But is this actually the case? No!

Varying between different poses

There is no such thing as a “correct” attitude. There is no evidence whatsoever for optimal posture, nor is there any evidence that avoiding “incorrect” postures can prevent low back pain.

Varying between different attitudes is important and scientifically supported. That's why it's important to explore different poses, including the ones you avoid most often. Changing habitual attitudes can provide relief.

We often see people with back and neck complaints that they no longer move smoothly and that they keep their back and neck stiff as much as possible. But when a joint is immobilized, it becomes weaker. What do you think will happen if you always keep your back or neck straight? Load is not bad, on the contrary, the correct load on a joint ensures that it remains healthy.

We do this in the core stability lessons. We will train together on control, stability and strength, where we first look at what you can do and from there make the exercise more difficult or easier. We use our own body weight as well as therabands. Because we work in small groups, continuous supervision is guaranteed.


The back and neck school trajectory starts on 25/04 and contains 5 lessons of theory and 5 lessons of practice. Since it is a trajectory, it is the intention that you commit to all 10 sessions. You can join one lesson later, but it is not the intention to join later.

In core stability lessons you can get in whenever you want.

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