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Energy trajectory (Leuven)

Are you looking for more energy? Would you like a body and mind that are (more) in balance?
And do you want to get rid of complaints that you can't seem to find the cause of?

Then the Energy program might be something for you!

Energy trajectory

In the energy trajectory we guide you to a healthy balance and more energy in a scientifically substantiated and multidisciplinary way and with a personal approach. We provide you with handles, tips and tricks, so that you can integrate everything into your life in a sustainable way. Because we don't aim for short & sweet, but for a long-term approach.

Count me in!

Do you recognize yourself in this:

  • When you come home at night, you often feel exhausted and empty. You no longer have the energy to cook healthy, let alone exercise/exercise.
  • When you lie in bed, you often can't get to sleep or you wake up repeatedly during the night. You also don't feel well-rested in the morning and reach for coffee first.
  • You often have 'pains' or vague and strange complaints, which you can't seem to get rid of. It seems like you always have something.
  • During the day it is also difficult to concentrate and you are easily distracted. Getting your tasks done sometimes takes a little longer.
  • You seem irritated more easily and are sometimes emotional for no reason.
  • You have the feeling that you are already doing your best, but you don't see or feel any change. Or you just feel insecure about taking the first step.
  • You are really willing to learn and to take action, but still like to have that big stick.

So are you looking for:

  • A professional and experienced multidisciplinary team of therapists and (experience) experts who, together with you, will look at how your complaints can make way for more energy.
  • A scientifically substantiated trajectory that is based on (objective) data, so that you not only feel the transformation, but also see it in black and white.
  • Techniques, tips & tricks that support you and help you achieve results, but that don't ask you to radically change your life.
  • A step-by-step plan that consists of 3 pillars (relaxation, recovery and prevention) and is adapted to your needs if necessary.

Een energiek leven in balans?

Then the energy trajectory is for you!

But, what's in it for you?

  • An intake interview to map out your complaints, needs and wishes.
  • Guidance by our multidisciplinary team:
    • 7 sessions of talk therapy and/or heart coherence, tailored to your needs.
    • 6 sessions of manual therapy (osteopathy).
    • 6 sessions of nutritional counseling and possible supplementation advice.
  • 2 blood tests that determine your stress level and other important parameters, 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end of the trajectory.
  • Access to an online platform with audios, videos and exercises. This can range from knowledge sessions and yoga sessions to relaxation exercises and breathing techniques.
  • Recipes and meal plans to inspire you.
  • A welcome pack with journal, Adfysio goodies and a first supplement.

What exactly can I expect?

The trajectory starts whenever you wish and runs over (on average) 3 months. From the start of the process, we schedule your sessions weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your needs. The sessions of talk therapy and nutritional advice can take place online or in practice, the manual therapy naturally takes place offline.
  • A trajectory of (on average) 3 months, or 12 weeks.
  • In total: 19 sessions with 3 therapists. Of course this is not a problem if these are not scheduled within 3 months, then your process will simply continue a little longer.
  • From the start of your trajectory you will have access to an online platform, where you can find knowledge sessions, exercises and all kinds of handy tools.
  • 3x access to an online (live) workshop on a different theme.

And perhaps most importantly, how much does it cost?

1078 €,- (when you pay in one go), or
360 €,- (when you pay in 3 installments).

Yes, count me in!

Would you still like a non-binding introductory meeting to see if this process is something for you?
Or do you want more information? Feel free to send us an email via