Is yoga for me?

Is yoga for me?

Yoga has countless benefits: it aids digestion, it increases your flexibility, it helps you relax, it improves your posture and it helps to promote happiness and to (learn to) live in the present moment.

But is yoga for everyone? Isn't it just for young women with fit bodies who are extremely limber? Of course not! Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. In the yoga classes of Adfysio you enjoy a personal approach and everyone is welcome.

Depending on what you need and like to do, there are different types of yoga to choose from:

Yoga for beginners

Have you never done yoga before and are you a little nervous to get started? Don't worry, that's what the lesson 'Yoga for beginners' is for! You will discover yoga and what it can mean for you in an accessible way. Together we discover the basic postures, the sun salutations and practice our balance. The class is calm and stress-reducing.

Yin Yoga

With Yin Yoga you stay in one posture for a long time, so that you work on the underlying connective tissue instead of on the muscles. This form of yoga is popular with older people who suffer from rheumatism, fibromyalgia or chronic pain/fatigue. In addition, many athletes practice relax yoga to avoid injuries. It can also help reduce back and neck pain and tension headaches.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is also called the traditional yoga. In the name 'Hatha' 2 Sanskrit words come together: Ha (the sun) and Tha (the moon): it is a way to bring everything back into balance. You stay in each position for 2 to 3 breaths and thus create more strength in your body and in your mind. If the 'Yoga for beginners' class is starting to get a bit too slow or too quiet for you and you want more variety, Hatha Yoga is the great next step!

Vinyasa Yoga

For a Vinyasa Yoga class it is nice if you have already mastered the basic postures of Yoga. Vinyasa is also sometimes called a 'dance': we flow from one movement to the next with the help of our breath and combine strength, endurance and balance. You build strength and warmth in the body, while you create more peace in your head. The ideal way to consciously challenge yourself!

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