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Matcha tea: a healthy alternative to coffee

May 04, 2022

What is matcha and what are its benefits?

From now on we also sell matcha tea at Adfysio via our webshop† What is matcha and what are its benefits? Find out in this blog post!

What is matcha?

In short, matcha is a green tea that originated in Japan and has been part of Japanese culture since the 12th century. The plant grows in shade, which produces more chlorophyll and gives the matcha a greener color than green tea.

The preparation of matcha is unique. You grind the tea leaves into powder using stones. Then mix the matcha powder with warm water until it starts to foam.

The health benefits of matcha

  • Matcha contains antioxidants: these are extremely important in our body as they eliminate free radicals (which cause cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer). You may have heard that there are many antioxidants in blueberries, acai berries, goji berries, dark chocolate and more. Matcha surpasses all of these products and contains the highest number of antioxidants of all natural products.
  • Matcha gives you a energy boost and makes you more alert, but unlike coffee, this is not accompanied by nervousness or a sudden 'drop' in your energy. It just leaves you feeling calm and relaxed thanks to the L-theine present. This makes it a healthy alternative to coffee.
  • Matcha boost your metabolism and can therefore help with weight loss.
  • Matcha promotes a detox your body: it contains the substance chlorophyll that binds to harmful metals in your body and then removes them.


Ready to support your body with matcha?

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