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Ontdek ons aanbod Yoga & Pilateslessen voor de zomer

In Adfysio kan je ook groepslessen Yoga, Pilates en Core Stability volgen tijdens de zomermaanden.

Ontdek ons nieuwe energie traject

Ben je op zoek naar meer energie? Wil je graag een lichaam en geest die (meer) in balans zijn? En wil je af van klachten waar je de oorzaak niet van lijkt te vinden? Dan is het Energie traject misschien wel iets voor jou!

Ontmoet onze therapeuten

Multidisciplinair? Zeker! Met osteopathie, kinesitherapie, gesprekstherapie & diëtetiek

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Our Physio & Osteo Practice (Leuven)

This website informs patients about the physiotherapy & manual therapy activity in our group practice in Kessel-Lo (Leuven).

In addition, we provide more information about our physiotherapists and additional information about the conditions we treat.

This concerns back, neck, shoulder and knee disorders, but also lymphatic drainage, hand rehabilitation, sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

Do you have problems with general motor skills & exercise? Have you had an operation and are you recovering? Have you suffered a sports injury, muscle or joint complaints, need manual therapy or jaw physiotherapy? Are you looking for physiotherapeutic expertise?

You have come to the right place!

Did you know that in addition to physiotherapy and osteopathy, we also offer talk therapy and dietetics in our practice? Feel free to take a look at our specializations for more information.

How do you make an appointment?

Every therapist has his specialization, be sure to check this here before making an appointment.

Our therapists
  • You can only book an appointment with Valerie Schepers for osteopathy.
  • Are you in need of hand rehabilitation and can't find an appointment? Then call us on 016 41 36 12. We make place for an acute start of rehabilitation!
  • Please bring your prescription with you to your first appointment.

After making your appointment, you will see a confirmation message on the screen.

Make an appointment


  • Osteopathy: €50
  • Talk & relaxation therapy: €48
  • Nutritional advice:
    • First consultation: €60
    • Second consultation: €45
    • Further follow-up: €30
  • Orthomolecular therapy: €75 (starting from January)

About Adfysio

  • Adfysio, in balance. That's what we stand for.

    A strong team with the aim of finding your balance together. Do you have an acute or chronic injury, a postoperative rehabilitation ahead, postnatal guidance or do you suffer from stress, fatigue or acidification, then you can contact us.

    We offer three pillars: osteopathy, physiotherapy and nutritional advice. Three strong pillars that we believe can create stability again.

    Osteopathy tries to regain balance on the basis of a holistic view and by working on the structural, visceral and cranial level. Physiotherapy offers you personal guidance in the field of rehabilitation, reconditioning and prevention to maintain the balance you have found in the long term. Nutrition plays a role that should not be underestimated in both acute and chronic physical complaints!

    We offer tailor-made nutritional advice if you want to lose weight, but also to improve your energy, reduce stress and possibly even support your reconditioning or sports performance.

    Many physical complaints (eg bloating, poor digestion, reduced immunity, acne, headaches, heartburn, rapid inflammation, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia ...) are influenced by what you eat. Let yourself be guided in this in order to regain and perpetuate your balance.

    Get to know our therapists


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