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Below you will find a description of all our different specializations and indications:

    • Osteopathy

      is a manual healing method that focuses on the entire human body and seeks to address structural or functional problems of the body. On the basis of mild techniques and gentle manipulations, an attempt is made to re-enable the body to strive for health and balance. Typical of the work of an osteopath is that not only the area where the complaint occurs, but the entire body is examined. The cause of a complaint may lie elsewhere. An osteopath will map out all blockages and movement restrictions in the body that are related to the complaint. He searches for the cause of the complaint and treats it by means of manipulations, muscle techniques and mobilizations. The osteopath does not heal but encourages the body to heal itself. Equipment or medicines are not used. Osteopaths use an extensive practical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology and pathology. Possible complaints can include:

    1. Back and Neck Problems: pain, lumbago, hernia, blockages, muscle stiffness, limited mobility, ...
    2. Joint problems: pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, ...
    3. Headache: tension headache, migraine, dizziness.
    4. Sports injuries: sprains, repeated inflammations, tendonitis, cramps, pains,..
    5. Organ complaints: acid regurgitation, stomach acid, bloating, intestinal complaints, constipation, digestive complaints, ...


For children, osteopathy can offer help with excessive crying, reflux, functional postural abnormalities, behavioral abnormalities, concentration disorders, developmental delays, poor sleep, abdominal pain, intestinal cramps, stool problems, ...


  • Manual therapy

    : With manual therapy you can loosen stiff joints and muscles and put a stop to nagging pain. When it comes to reversible defects, a manual therapist searches for the cause in your body and offers a tailor-made treatment. Each manual therapeutic treatment is preceded by an interview and an extensive functional examination. As a result, the therapist will find out whether a certain body part functions normally and moves as it should. The body is regarded as a 'whole': this is important in manual therapeutic research. The therapist can make a connection (anatomical, biomechanical, physiological) between the different regions and systems of your body.


  • Sports physiotherapy and/or rehabilitation

    Just like manual therapy, it is a specific specialization within physiotherapy. The role and position of the sports physiotherapist is occupying an increasingly larger and more important place in the sports world. Of course in the treatment of injuries and chronic complaints, but certainly also in prevention and advising athletes. Because as a sports physiotherapist, we help athletes to progress. We guide both the top athlete and the amateur athlete in a responsible manner, whereby delivering optimal performance is always the goal.


  • Lymphatic drainage

    : Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of massage aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system. This stimulation is necessary to drain the excess fluid (visible and invisible edema) better and faster via the lymphatic channels. The aim of Dr Vodder's therapy is to stimulate the fluid flow and to eliminate any stagnation, to increase immunity or resistance, to reduce stress and to optimize the hormonal system. Manual lymphatic drainage is used for, among other things, swelling (edema) after an accident or surgery, sprains, complaints due to stress, e.g. insomnia, constipation, headache, and blood circulation disorders, ...


  • Hand Rehabilitation

    : Our specialists in hand rehabilitation are involved in the specific treatment of chronic, acute and postoperative hand and wrist injuries. These are often very intensive treatments that require very close monitoring. Due to the close cooperation with the ambulatory hand rehabilitation service in Gasthuisberg, we always try to offer the most adequate support.


  • Back & Neck Training

    : This is a part of physiotherapy that is becoming increasingly important. 90% of the population is confronted with neck and/or back problems at some point. We offer a personalized program tailored to both acute and chronic back and/or neck complaints. Back and neck school group sessions are also offered three times a year, consisting of 5 lessons with attention to ergonomics, lifting and lifting advice and learning to tighten the correct muscles. From now on we also organize a back school version 2 where stabilization exercises are done in group for both the back and the neck. A ten-turn card can be purchased for this. So discover our back & neck training sessions now!


  • Dry Needling

    : This is an innovative form of physiotherapy as part of a total treatment aimed at improving (often chronic) muscle complaints. This therapy uses thin acupuncture needles, with which hardening in muscles can be effectively and quickly relaxed. The treatment focuses in particular on those complaints where muscles are tense (often for a long time) and cause pain. Examples are headaches, low back pain, tennis or golfer's elbow, etc. Targeted pricking with a needle loosens the muscle hardening. The aim is to generate a so-called 'local twitch response' after which this muscle relaxes more. If the symptoms last longer, more muscles are usually involved. The complaints often extend, also along the spine. We also involve these muscles in the treatment. The advice is then to stretch these muscles and ultimately make the muscles sufficiently resilient again through exercise/training therapy.


  • Jaw Therapy

    Jaw problems or temporo-mandibular dysfunctions are complaints in which there is mainly pain or fatigue of the chewing muscles, inability to open the mouth properly, pain around the temporomandibular joint (in front of the ear), snapping jaw joints, hypersensitive or painful teeth and molars , an abnormal wear of the teeth. But earaches, headaches and neck pain can also be related to disorders in the chewing system. Your complaints will be analyzed and discussed and the appropriate mobilizations and advice will be given.


  • Health coach

    : During a first meeting (1h15) your health problems and dietary habits will be discussed. Together we determine a goal, after which we get to work! What our health coach offers you: tailor-made nutritional advice and coaching with an eye for the overall picture, slimming in a healthy and natural way, tips and information about natural foods. Not sure if a health coach is right for you? Then consider: are you overweight? Do you feel like you don't move enough? Do you want to take a closer look at your diet (am I doing it right? what could be better)? Are you stressed? Do you have trouble relaxing? Do you lack energy? Do you have little regularity? Diet has much more influence on this than you might think. That is why our health coach is happy to help you on your way to a healthy, positive and energy-rich lifestyle by teaching you what is and what is not healthy food and you gain insight into the positive and negative effects of food on your health. By treating the above elements, other physical ailments can be avoided: read ostheopathy.


  • Perinatal Physiotherapy

    : Perinatal physiotherapy includes the guidance and support of women during pregnancy (prenatal) and after delivery (postnatal).


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