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Back & Neck School

Get the right posture thanks to our back and neck school

Under the motto 'prevention is better than cure', Adfysio teaches its patients to adopt the right attitude.

Provides for this physiotherapist Charlotte Huybrechts(trained in general physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, manual therapy and dry needling) 2 different classes: Back and Neck School and Core Stability (Back and Neck School version 2).

Both are given on Monday evenings from January 10 2022.


Back and Neck School:

This is a treatment program of 10 sessions in which you learn how to use the back and neck efficiently.

The program applies to all people who have or have had back or neck complaints: acute, chronic, pre- and postoperatively and who are looking for the right posture to minimize back and neck complaints.

Here we learn about the different types of (pain) complaints that exist and how we can deal with them. Ergonomic advice is given to measure as well as lifting and tilting techniques in which the back and neck are spared as much as possible. In addition, the basic back and neck muscles are trained and stretched where necessary.


Core stability (Back and neck school version 2):

Would you like to continue working on your muscle corset (core stability) under supervision? Then this is possible in the additional back and neck school version 2 or Core Stability.

During these lessons we will train together in small groups on control, stability and strength. By means of a circuit we work on different aspects of the body. We use our own body weight as well as therabands. So do you feel like giving different aspects of your body a boost under supervision? Then the back and neck school version 2 is for you!


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