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Get in balance

Do you suffer from persistent, chronic complaints? Or do you suffer from a recurring problem? Or are you just curious how much you are or are not in balance?

At Adfysio we have many years of experience in guiding patients with physiotherapy and osteopathy. However, it turns out that once we have come this far to relieve the pain or symptoms, it is not obvious that this also stays this way in the long term. How come? Why can't we find our balance? A question that each of us may have already asked ourselves. Our body is an incredibly complex whole in which millions of cells work together. It is therefore not surprising that a problem, pain, or symptom is influenced by many different aspects.

From a holistic view

A holistic approach in which body and mind are screened and approached by different disciplines is what believe in at Adfysio. We also strive to be able to offer you optimal guidance. That is why we are happy to offer you an analysis package in which we check whether you are in balance in various areas.

Book your analysis

In this package we offer you an osteopathy session, a nutritional and orthomolecular advice session and a talk therapy session. This involves looking at the tensions in your body around the central axis, analyzing your diet and lifestyle and determining your stress level. After this analysis, you will receive advice from our therapists as to whether you can or should continue to work in a certain direction. You decide afterwards whether you want to continue or not.


The osteopath will map out all blockages and movement restrictions in your body that are related to the complaint. He will look for the cause of your complaint and then try to enable your body to strive for health and balance again on the basis of gentle manipulations, muscle techniques and mobilization.

Nutritional and orthomolecular advice

Food also influences how we feel, and even various physical complaints. A balanced diet offers many advantages: better resistance, more energy, more stamina, a natural (non-accelerated) aging process, clearer skin, more stress resistance and a better mood. We find nutritional advice indispensable in the search for balance.

In addition to a tailor-made diet, additional nutrients (nutritional supplements) can help prevent and treat diseases. Food supplements contain a high content of substances that occur in limited amounts in food: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, as well as lesser-known substances such as bioflavonoids. We are happy to provide orthomolecular advice. Then, together with you, we will look at whether it is necessary to support or stimulate certain processes in the body with natural supplements.

Talk Therapy

The fact that body and mind are one is now well established. In addition to osteopathy and nutritional and orthomolecular advice, we offer talk therapy. During these sessions we discuss possible underlying traumas, insecurities and/or fears. You can also contact us for heart coherence. Through breathing exercises you lower your stress level and increase your resilience. It enables you to deal with stress and difficulties in a healthy way.