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Conversation & relaxation therapy Kessel-Lo (Leuven)

Conversation & relaxation therapist Floor Vens


  • Applied clinical psychology Integrative psychotherapy and counseling with client-centered-experiential basis; combines theory and practice from the four major psychological currents:
    - Psychoanalysis
    - Cognitive behavioral therapy
    - Client-centered experiential therapy
    - Systemic therapy

In case of complaints such as:

  • burnout and boreout
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • low self-esteem and performance anxiety
  • trauma
  • conflicts
  • relationship problems
  • breakup/divorce
  • grief and loss experiences
  • commitment and separation anxiety
  • hindering patterns
  • psychosomatic complaints

During the sessions we work together towards:

  • finding your own voice and inner strength
  • finding deep relaxation and peace within yourself
  • recognize, respect and indicate your own needs and boundaries in a healthy way by communicating in a binding way
  • healing injuries and traumas
  • more balance and stability in friendships and relationships
  • restoring the balance between give and take
  • experience meaning and purpose in your life again
  • experience your own source of inspiration, creativity and joie de vivre
  • realizing your dreams, goals and potential


The added value of integrative therapy is that each session is specifically tailored to you. This is tailor-made therapy. We make targeted use of methods that best help you at that moment with your specific request for help, life history and context. During an initial exploratory meeting we clarify your request for help and goal and together we look at the possibilities to achieve this goal together. Your own pace and unique process are always respected:
“If an egg is broken by an outside force, a life ends. If an egg is broken by an inside force, a life begins.”
The sessions mainly consist of talk therapy, but if desired we can also work with relaxation exercises, for example, or combine both. The form that the therapy takes always arises from our mutual dialogue and consent. You as a client are central, with your question, your story, your experience and environment. Everything you feel, think and say is received in all safety, without judgment and with respect.

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