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Pelvic re-education

Pelvic re-education in women with urological and/or gastroenterological problems such as:

  • urinary (exercise, urge, or mixed) incontinence
  • urination complaints (dysfunctional voiding, frequent bladder infections, ...)
  • faecal incontinence, constipation, diarrhoea, ...
  • (slight) prolapse of uterus, bladder, intestine
  • and also complaints in the lower back and pelvis


Possible treatment techniques:

  • explanation and advice drinking schedule, nutrition, correct toilet posture, ...
  • follow up on a pee and stool calendar
  • bladder training
  • pelvic floor muscle exercises (learning how to lift and relax correctly, integration into daily life)
  • manual therapy spine and pelvis
  • dry needling and trigger point therapy
  • ...