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Perinatal physiotherapy

perinatal physiotherapy includes counseling and support for women during pregnancy (prenatal) and after childbirth (postnatal).


The prenatal sessions can be started from week 30. These include:

  • awareness of pelvic floor and body changes during pregnancy
  • posture and movement advice / core stability
  • breathing and relaxation exercises
  • preparation for labor and delivery (explanation of the course of childbirth, working postures, pressing technique, etc.)


The postnatal sessions can be started from 4-6 weeks after delivery. These include:

  • pelvic floor re-education
  • strengthening abdominal, back and glutes, core stability training, posture correction and advice on lifting and lifting
  • build-up of sports resumption
  • scar treatment after caesarean section
  • ...


The treatment is individually tailored and moms can bring their baby to the session.