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Stress reduction with TRE Kessel-Lo (Leuven)


Relax, catch your breath and in your strength

TRE® – Tension Release Exercises – is a surprisingly simple yet deep-working method to lower your stress and tension level in a body-oriented way – with positive changes in the short and long term on your well-being and health.

All our experiences are stored in our body: the pleasant, pleasant, loving, funny, ... moments and the challenging, demanding, sometimes shocking, fearful moments in work and/or family situations, drastic events of any kind, in short everything that is somehow makes and leaves an impression in our (body) system.

And often a lot comes at us…

Your body can recover from stress reactions, yet there is more than once too much and it turns out that we are often very good at retaining tension. This creates a (chronic) accumulated tension, often without you realizing it. Your nervous system is then constantly in an alert tense state. In the long run, this can manifest itself in the form of psycho-emotional and physical discomfort, you will receive signals such as:
  • anxiety
  • held sadness
  • reduced vitality / little zest for life
  • chronic fatigue - low energy - feeling exhausted
  • sports injuries
  • losing touch with your body
  • have become a walking head
  • burn-out
  • go beyond your limits
  • ...
  • worry
  • restlessness
  • bucket is full / feeling overwhelmed / losing the overview
  • short fuse
  • instead of tackling you will procrastinate
  • stomach / intestinal complaints
  • painful or stiff back / hip / shoulder / neck / jaw (muscles)
  • trouble sleeping
  • less able to breathe – blocked diaphragm
Also complaints that you would not think could be related to stress/tension.

TRE® is then a rewarding method to support you and can quickly bring positive change.

Reducing stress: relaxing through your natural discharge system

TRE® is an accessible body-oriented method and consists of performing a series of physical exercises that 'turn on' your natural discharge mechanism. The release brings tension that has built up in your body into motion and thus gives a way out of retained tension – both deep (chronic) tension and daily stress.

The discharge calms your nervous system, a recovery process starts. This allows your body to return to a natural relaxed state and you will experience more inner peace (in head and body) again and there will be room for vital energy. You build resilience in your nervous system.

The special thing about TRE® is that once you have learned it properly, you can apply it 'yourself', wherever and whenever you want! Applied regularly, it is a simple self-care tool for (daily) lifelong (preventive) support, you have more control over stress and tension, it increases your self-power, you function better.

How does TRE work?

I am a certified TRE® Provider and I am happy to guide you in learning TRE®. Tension Release Exercises may seem simple exercises, but they are a powerful method.

It is about getting to know yourself/your body well, learning how to dose and knowing how you can adapt the exercises to your personal possibilities. Know that every person/body has its own and unique way of discharging; there is space and attention for your personal experience. I guide you in your process in a friendly non-judgmental way and teach you how to release tension step by step, layer by layer, how to take a break and how to arrange for yourself that it is pleasant and comfortable.

In a few individual sessions (often 3 to 4, sometimes more depending on your personal process) I will teach you how to apply TRE® safely. The sessions follow in quick succession, 1 per week, after which you can work with them at home and pay attention to your process (what do you notice, what is going well, where is a challenge?) With these points of attention you can 2 follow-up sessions to deepen your TRE® process.

Of course you choose how often you want to come.


You can also apply TRE® preventively, prevent tensions from piling up and thus be one step ahead of the effects of stress; after your day's work you can relax wonderfully with TRE®. Chronic stress does not stand a chance.

Beyond words

TRE® as a body-oriented method goes beyond words. You do not need to know where the tension comes from to discharge the tension stored in your body. With TRE® you activate a natural self-healing recovery reflex, your body knows what it needs to release tension and you can follow this in safety and confidence.


Individual session: 60€ - 1h15/session
Duo – session (with partner, friend, family member,…): 55 €/person – 1h15/session – ! book under 1 name and state in the message 'DUO + ​​name and telephone of the participating persons'

Wear (loose) comfortable clothing/trousers and bring a drinking bottle with water.

Would you like to discover and experience how TRE® can support you, make an appointment here.