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The brain gut axis

May 25, 2022

Are your guts in balance?


That your brain controls the abdomen is something you probably already knew. But did you know that your gut is just as smart as your brain and can determine how you feel? That deserves an extra word of explanation.

The gut: our second brain

In short, our digestive system runs from mouth to butt. This whole road is covered with mucous membranes and an incredible amount of nerve cells. In addition, the intestines also have the presence of a large number of bacteria (more than 2 kg!). This makes our intestines a sensitive and ingenious system. The intestines have as many nerve cells as our brains and can function completely independently. So it's no surprise that our gut is called the second brain!

There is a lot of back and forth communication along the brain-gut axis (the brain-gut axis), the connection between our brain and the gut. The bacteria in our intestinal flora produce certain substances to enable communication via nerve cells. If this communication does not go well, complaints can arise.

The connection between your gut and your happiness

Did you know that our own intestinal flora produces no less than 90% of the body's own serotonin, the well-known happiness hormone? Serotonin ensures good communication between the nerve cells in your gut and in your brain and also has a major influence on your mood.

Our gut bacteria also produce GABA, for example, a substance that makes us feel calmer and less anxious.

Are your guts in balance?

Our intestinal flora not only determines how we feel, it also determines how well we digest and whether we absorb enough vitamins and minerals. In addition, it also controls our immune system. This means that our intestines determine how our body reacts to an infection or to an attack from outside.

So many processes in which our intestines play a role. It is therefore not too crazy for words that the health of our intestines is invaluable! If our intestines are not in balance, many symptoms and complaints can arise. Chronic stress, fatigue, one-sided or unhealthy diet, medication (especially antibiotics) are just a few examples that cause us to experience an imbalance or impoverishment of our gut bacteria.

How we can help you

We are happy to respond to this at Adfysio. We try to approach your problem with a multidisciplinary approach in which we try to approach the complaints and symptoms a bit more broadly in order to obtain a longer-lasting result. Book your appointment contact the osteopath or orthomolecular therapist for the right advice.

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