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Start the winter on a positive note!

October 28, 2021

Tips to keep your happiness during the winter months

With the leaves falling and the days getting colder, nature is slowly but surely preparing us for the Winter: the season we are probably looking forward to the least!

But winter also has a lot to offer: is a period to rest, take care of ourselves and create inner warmth.

Going how can you let your body and mind get used to this new season faster to see the positive in it?

Rediscover your inner sun through vitamin D & meditation

In the sun, your body produces the happiness hormone endorphins, which provides energy and relaxation, but during the colder months it is often hidden behind a series of dark clouds.

To get enough solar energy during the winter months, it is recommended to supplements such as vitamin D or the 'vitamin of the sun' to take. This also helps support your immune system as we move into colder months and aids in proper muscle function.

Also can meditation help to find the sun and positivity in yourself. For this you can meditate on the music of the solar plexus chakra, literally the chakra of the sun that is located in the middle of your abdomen above your navel. During our yoga classes, a small meditation is always done at the beginning of the class so that you can also relax mentally.

Take care of your body

Sport and movement contribute to your mental health! As easy and pleasant as it can be to lie in your cocoon at home in your spare time with a book or good food – something we definitely recommend! 😉 – it is also important for your mind and body to keep moving.

Take a pilates or yoga class at Adfysio and immediately discover the benefits: feel more energetic, more resilient, stronger and more positive!

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