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Sports and Yoga: a good combination?

December 09, 2021

10 reasons to combine yoga with sport

Yoga can be a nice addition to your sports discipline(s) and have a positive influence on your performance. Whether it's walking, cycling, dancing or fitness: yoga is an added value in any case!

For example, Yoga does not only contain exercises that help with coordination, flexibility, muscle strengthening and balance. It also helps to control your breathing and to perform your sport more consciously and thus get more health benefits such as relaxation and focus.

Here the benefits of the combination of yoga and sport on a row:

  1. It helps to control your breathing during exercise, increasing your stamina
  2. It's a way to improve your performance
  3. It allows you to be more in touch with your body, so that you will pick up signals for possible injuries in time. The various stretch and flexibility exercises also help to prevent injuries
  4. It provides a general improvement of your core and your posture
  5. It's a good way to recover from a workout
  6. It helps to build more strength and flexibility
  7. The muscles are strengthened
  8. It strengthens your ligaments and joints
  9. It reduces neck, back and shoulder complaints
  10. It improves your balance

Curious to discover the benefits of yoga for sports?

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